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About the LAN Services Team

This site serves the LAN Services Team [formerly known as the TAC Team] at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois.  The team is headed up by Jerry Richards, Systems Interim Assistant Director.  The contents of this site are provided for the exclusive use of Jerry Richards and his team of Information Technology Experts (Undergraduate Assistants, Student Workers, & Graduate Assistants).  The use of this site by anyone outside of the LAN Services group is expressly forbidden.  Inquiries regarding this site are to be made to Jerry Richards.




Recent News

04.30.2012: The LAN Services Team site is currently being updated in order to comply with the university's Web Standards. Please stay tuned and bear with us as we continue making changes to improve the LAN Services Team site! Also, please contact Darcie Cohee or Brad Wyatt with any questions or concerns regarding this website.

12.16.2011: Congratulations to former LAN Services undergraduate members Ethan Hallesy and Nathan Wood for graduating from the IST program! Also, congrats to Jarrod Echols, former graduate assistant, for receiving an internship in Washington D.C. Best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors.